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Ablebook: Raising Awareness and Driving App Downloads
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Ablebook is a mobile app that offers services and information tailored to the needs of individuals with disabilities and vulnerable groups

Business Objectives:


Nov 2021 – Mar 2023

(16 Months/485 Days)

Problem & Diagnosis

Ablebook is an application designed to empower individuals with disabilities by providing access information to various locations in Cyprus, including parking facilities, restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, and other services. In essence, it serves as a valuable tool for people with disabilities and their companions, offering insights into accessible places. Working with Ablebook, a special tech startup dedicated to enhancing societal inclusivity, brought us great satisfaction.


Ablebook, though conceptually simple, embodies innovation in the realm of accessibility solutions. Positioned as a pioneering project, it serves not only as a cutting-edge application but also as a vehicle for public awareness and sensitivity toward disabilities. Leveraging diverse events and impactful social media content, we strategically communicated the message of inclusivity. Our focus was on illuminating the unique features of Ablebook, establishing its identity, and driving user engagement – ultimately encouraging downloads and active usage.


In the initial phase, we harnessed the power of organic social media posts to foster awareness around disabilities and strategically position the Ablebook app in the public eye. As our audience expanded, we strategically allocated resources to paid advertising, amplifying our reach and engagement. This approach not only facilitated businesses in comprehending the advantages of aligning with our platform but also led to a substantial upswing in Ablebook’s social media footprint. In the subsequent stages of our campaign, our focus shifted towards driving app downloads, yielding remarkable outcomes in a remarkably short timeframe. Consequently, the Ablebook app has experienced heightened visibility, generating increased interest from businesses eager to become part of their thriving ecosystem.

After Campaign - Results

March 2023 (16 months later)
  • App installs: 748
  • Cost per download: €0.29
  • Facebook Impressions: 1M+
  • Instagram Followers: +527
  • LinkedIn new followers: +696

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