Ahava’s social media growth
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Ahava, an international skincare brand, harnesses the unique minerals of the Dead Sea in its formulations, offering a luscious and vegan-friendly skincare experience.

Business Objectives:


March 2022 – May 2022

(3 Months/ 61 Days)

Ahava Cyprus giveaways

Problem & Diagnosis

Ahava is a well-known cosmetics company that specializes in skin care products made from mud and mineral-based compounds from the Dead Sea. Despite its reputation in Cyprus, the company had a poor digital presence, inconsistent organic content, and no paid advertisements.


The objective was to increase brand awareness and recognition through social media platforms, specifically Facebook and Instagram, where the majority of Ahava’s target audience (females aged 25-64) is found.


To achieve this objective, a multifaceted approach was taken. Firstly, consistent organic content was posted on all of Ahava’s social media accounts. Secondly, reach and awareness ads were created for the top of the sales funnel. Lastly, a multi-channel giveaway campaign was launched, featuring two of Ahava’s most popular products. This resulted in increased interest and engagement from the targeted audience.

After Campaign - Results

May 2022 (3 months later)
  • Facebook page likes: +551
  • Instagram followers: +1,078
  • Facebook page reach: 835,758
  • Instagram page reach: 509,596

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