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Ancoria Insurance Best Long-term Strategic Use of Social Media
"We partnered with The Obsidian Co. and have never looked back since!"
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Ancoria Insurance Public Ltd is an established life insurance company of Swedish origin, registered and headquartered in Cyprus since 1987

Business Objectives:


Jan 2022 – Dec 2022

(12 Months/365 Days)

This campaign received the award of “Best Long-term Strategic Use of Social Media” by the Global Social Media Awards 2023

Problem & Diagnosis

In 2022, we had the privilege of partnering with Ancoria Insurance, a leading insurance company in Cyprus with over 35 years of experience specializing in financial planning through life insurance policies for individuals and occupational pension schemes for corporations. The problem was that Ancoria had limited digital presence, so it was very hard for potential customers to discover the company and learn more about its services.


Our main objective throughout the one-year partnership was to help Ancoria Insurance increase their market share in the local market. To achieve this objective, we worked on establishing a strong digital presence for Ancoria Insurance through social media. We created and managed robust pages on Facebook and LinkedIn, with yearly goals set to build a following on both platforms. Starting with 3,104 followers on Facebook, we aimed to reach 4,000, and on LinkedIn, we started with 1,007 followers and aimed to reach 2,000. We ensured that the content shared on these platforms aligned with the main objective of redirecting potential customers to Ancoria Insurance’s website to inquire about their services. Our target was to receive 80 website inquiries for the year.

The primary objective of this campaign was to develop a comprehensive strategy to effectively reach our target markets, which involved meticulously creating multiple buyer personas for our two primary target markets. Our first target market comprised of businesses keen on offering their employees a top-of-the-line “Pension Plan” or those seeking to switch from their existing plans. Our other target market focused on individuals who sought to secure their future by investing in a “Life Policy.” To ensure maximum reach and engagement, we employed a combination of organic and paid social media content as part of our comprehensive marketing approach. We tailored our content to appeal to the specific needs and preferences of each target market, with some pieces dedicated solely to Pension Plans (B2B) and others solely to Life Policies (B2C).


We are proud to have implemented a successful content marketing campaign for Ancoria Insurance. Our creative team worked diligently to craft a series of content that highlighted the value of Ancoria’s “Life Policy” and “Pension Plan” services, while also breaking free from the usual serious tone that is associated with the insurance industry. We used a combination of entertainment and information to create engaging content that would resonate with our target audience, and we accomplished this through the use of relatable graphics and images that depicted the daily lives of individuals (B2C) and the professional lives of businesses (B2B).

The success of the recent marketing campaign is truly impressive, marked by a remarkable increase in market share by 2.5%. What sets this achievement apart is the campaign’s reliance solely on social media, showcasing its ability to harness the power of digital platforms effectively. Moreover, the strategic allocation and efficient use of the budget played a pivotal role, as the campaign avoided non-measurable traditional mediums, emphasizing measurable results and operational efficiency.

Consistency in content creation across various digital platforms indicates a well-thought-out and coordinated approach to branding. The campaign’s emphasis on stunning visuals further highlights the importance of visually appealing content in the realm of digital marketing, likely contributing significantly to its overall success. Additionally, the adept optimization of paid campaigns on social media platforms reflects a deep understanding of audience dynamics and platform intricacies.

The campaign’s innovative approach tailored specifically to the insurance sector showcases creativity and a willingness to take calculated risks. Furthermore, the educational efforts to familiarize the audience with investment terminology and theory demonstrate a commitment to meaningful engagement. In a notable feat, the campaign not only competed with larger, more established counterparts in the industry but did so with a significantly lower ad spend, underscoring its competitive success. The multifaceted strengths of this campaign—from market share growth to strategic budgeting, consistency, visuals, performance efficiency, innovation, educational initiatives, and competitive prowess—combine to make it a standout success story in the digital marketing landscape.

After Campaign - Results

Dec 2022 (12 months later)
  • Increase Market Share: 2.5%
  • Facebook Followers: 4,000 (increase by 28.89%)
  • LinkedIn Followers: 2,300 (increase by 128.27%)
  • Leads Generated: 149

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