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Ancoria Insurance Google Ads Marketing
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Ancoria Insurance leads in providing comprehensive insurance solutions, safeguarding individuals and businesses across various sectors.

Business Objectives:

Services by The Obsidian Co:


Jun 2023 – Jun 2024

(12 Months/365 Days)

Project Summary

The partnership with Ancoria Insurance is a relationship of lasting trust. One of our essential services for this organization is search engine marketing. We decided to increase Ancoria Insurance’s visibility in search results by using Google Ads Search (PPC) campaigns. As a result, Ancoria Insurance’s website appears first for users searching for services related to life insurance or pension plans.

After Campaign - Results

12 Months/365 Days
  • Clicks: 11,341(+320.04%)
  • CTR: 18.27%(+34.65%)
  • Conversions: 60 (+1,386.92%)

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