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Clock Café’s marketing for growth
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Clock Cafe is the largest Cypriot-origin coffee franchise on the island, with over 20 coffee shops.

Business Objectives:


Feb 2022 – Jul 2022

(6 Months/180 Days)

Problem & Diagnosis

Clock Café is the largest Cypriot-originated coffee franchise, with 23+ physical locations. We were approached by Clock Café to identify and solve problems in their marketing mix. Following an audit, we found out that Clock Café did not have a documented integrated marketing strategy to achieve their business objectives and lacked the strong brand presence that would establish its identity in the digital world.


The major objectives that our team was tasked with were; to grow the brand in terms of brand awareness, audience size and increase turnover for the business. Our team of Obsidians created sub goals for each of the objectives, selected certain KPI’s that would indicate progress towards the achievement of the goals and planned test and optimize each step of the way. 


The first step towards solving the aforementioned objectives was the development of an integrated marketing strategy that would be implemented to achieve each of the business objectives we were tasked by the board. By choosing the appropriate digital channels and formulating a content strategy that would complement the overall marketing strategy, we decided on the marketing tactics that would be used. 

Amongst many, one of the marketing tactics we employed was to consistently post purposefully crafted, scroll stopping content on Clock Café’s social media channels. Specific social media ad creatives and ad copy were designed to be used for promoting certain locations. Ads were served to specific segments of the audience through geographical targeting, promoting the location to people who are in the area and could visit. 

After Campaign - Results

July 2022 (6 months later)
  • Facebook page likes: +1,190
  • Increase in Facebook organic reach: 80.01%
  • Instagram organic profile visitors: 5,820

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