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Crocodile Rebrand

Industry: Fashion and Lifestyle

Crocodile, a well-known shoes and accessories brand, sought to update its identity to better appeal to its target audience. The aim was to simplify the visual language down to its core essence and create a fresh, sleek, and efficient brand identity.

The team embarked on a comprehensive rebranding initiative for Crocodile. By distilling the visual elements to their fundamental components, they developed a modern and streamlined identity that resonates with contemporary consumers.

The new brand identity not only enhances visual appeal but also ensures consistency across all platforms. This strategic rebranding revitalizes Crocodile’s market presence, aligning it with current trends and preferences while maintaining its established reputation in the fashion industry.

Brand Messaging Framework
Brand Partnership and Collaboration
Brand Culture Development and Alignment
Visual Identity
Packaging Design
Website UX Guide
Retail Space Design and Visual Merchandising
Social Media Graphics
Vehicle Graphics and Fleet

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