E-shop Sales Increase - Best Use of Social Media for Retail Award - The Obsidian Co.™
E-shop Sales Increase - Best Use of Social Media for Retail Award
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Crocodile Shoes has launched a campaign to leverage social media for driving online sales and engaging customers.

Business Objectives:

Services by The Obsidian Co:

Duration of completion:

19/09/23 – 19/11/23 VS 20/11/23 – 20/01/24

(2 Months / 61 Days)


We identified that Crocodile Shoes needed to boost its sales. The challenge of further increasing online sales and achieving a higher ROAS during the “Winter Sales” campaign, despite already having a successful ROAS of 5.05 in the previous two months.


To address this, we conducted thorough research to understand the nuances of the local market and gain valuable insights regarding our target audience. This enabled us to develop two distinct personas, each representing segments of our target audience. These personas were crafted with several characteristics, allowing us to create hyper-targeted ads that spoke directly to our audience’s unique preferences, pain points and desires.

After Campaign - Results

2 Months / 61 Days
  • Number of Online Sales: 403 (655% increase)
  • Total value of purchases: 838% increase
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 8.78 (previous period's 5.05)

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