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Crowdbase awareness and registering new users
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Crowdbase enables users to invest in promising start-ups. Through strategic Meta ads, we've significantly grown their registered user base.

Business Objectives:

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May 2023 – April 2024

(12 Months/365 Days)


Initially, Crowdbase faced a challenge attracting and registering new users on its platform to invest in start-ups. They lacked effective advertising strategies to reach their target audience and generate interest in their investment opportunities. This hindered their ability to grow their user base and capitalise on potential start-up investments.


Crowdbase is a company that allows users to invest in promising start-ups. With the help of Meta ads, we’ve successfully increased the number of registered users on the platform. Consequently, many of these users have chosen to invest in start-ups to grow their personal capital and support start-ups they believe in.

After Campaign - Results

12 Months/365 Days
  • Accounts Created: 257
  • Impressions: 1,775,046
  • Link Clicks: 8,356

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