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Crowdbase Brand Identity"Communicating with The Obsidian Co. is very easy and effortless."
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European equity crowdfunding platform

Business Objectives:

Services by The Obsidian Co:

Duration of completion:

Feb 2022

(1 month)

Project overview

In the ever-evolving landscape of investment-based crowdfunding, Crowdbase emerged onto the scene in 2022 as a formidable contender, aiming to pioneer crowdfunding investing within the Cypriot market.

With the objective of broadening its influence and fortifying its forthcoming marketing endeavours, we undertook a comprehensive rebranding initiative for Crowdbase, driven by the intent to align the brand’s communications with its foundational principles; emphasizing trust, transparency, and the democratization of investing.

Through this strategic rebrand, Crowdbase aspires to not only solidify its market presence but also to foster a deeper connection with its audience by creating a culture that unites passionate entrepreneurs with like-minded investors to bring great ideas to life.

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