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GPTW Leads and LinkedIn growth
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Business Objectives:


Jun 2023 – Sep 2023

(4 Months/120 Days)

Problem & Diagnosis

Great Place to Work is an esteemed organization dedicated to enhancing working environments within businesses. By providing valuable recommendations and guidelines, they assist companies in fostering optimal conditions for their employees. Achieving a commendable score through adherence to these recommendations earns businesses the prestigious certification affirming their status as a Great Place to Work.

Despite their impactful efforts, the organization’s advertising endeavors have been largely constrained, resulting in a lack of awareness among businesses regarding the comprehensive services offered by Great Place to Work. Consequently, many enterprises remain uninformed about the organization’s mission and may even be oblivious to its existence altogether.


In embarking on this collaboration, our primary objective was to cultivate essential awareness among professionals in the business realm, encompassing a broad spectrum from general managers to HR managers and even marketing managers. Recognizing that building a people-centric company ethos necessitates engagement from all departments within an organization, we aimed to ensure that our outreach efforts resonated across various levels and functions.

Moreover, as part of our comprehensive marketing strategy, we sought to guide individuals through the entirety of the marketing funnel. Beyond mere awareness, we aimed to encourage prospective users to take the next step by visiting our website and actively engaging with the content provided. By enticing users to navigate to our platform and complete the requisite form, we aimed to foster deeper connections and facilitate meaningful interactions that align with our overarching objectives.


To achieve our goals, we opted to advertise on LinkedIn, the premier B2B platform, alongside Facebook and Instagram for wider reach. Their website content highlighted how Great Place to Work certification enhances brand esteem, simplifies recruitment, and fosters a positive workplace culture of inclusivity and diversity. Emphasizing the easy certification process, we saw increased engagement on LinkedIn and more leads generated through the website.

After Campaign - Results

Sep 2023 (4 months later)
  • New LinkedIn followers: 655
  • Leads: 49 (157.89% increase)
  • Facebook and Instagram Impressions: 628,944 (17% increase)
  • Facebook and Instagram Reach: 111,893 (14K% increase)

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