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Investia Rebrand

Industry: Real Estate

Investia Estate Agents, a long-standing real estate agency with a rich 50-year history in Larnaca, Cyprus, possessed considerable experience but faced a challenge with its brand presence and visual coherence in both physical and virtual domains.

Recognizing the need to optimize the impact of the Investia name, our team embarked on a comprehensive rebranding initiative for the agency. This involved not only refreshing the visual identity but also ensuring that all aspects of brand communications seamlessly aligned with their intended message.

By revitalizing the brand, we aimed to strengthen Investia’s market position and enhance its recognition, providing a cohesive and impactful presence both online and offline. This strategic rebranding endeavors to usher in a new era for Investia Estate Agents, reflecting its legacy while establishing a contemporary and consistent identity in the competitive real estate landscape.

Brand Messaging Framework
Visual Language
Infographic & Data Visualization Design
Social Media Graphics
Website UX Guide


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