Kapnos Airport Shuttle - 54.33% increase in bookings - The Obsidian Co.™
Kapnos Airport Shuttle - 54.33% increase in bookings
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The leader in airport shuttle services in Cyprus

Business Objectives:


Jun 2023 – Sep 2023

(4 Months/120 Days)

Problem & Diagnosis

Kapnos Airport Shuttle is a company operating in the Cypriot market, providing private bus transportation to and from airports. Despite offering affordable services and competitive pricing for the general public, a substantial portion of the population remained unaware of Kapnos Airport Shuttle’s existence, resulting in underutilization of its services.


To address this issue, our primary objective was to enhance Kapnos Airport Shuttle’s visibility in search engine results when individuals seek airport transportation solutions in Cyprus and in social media when people scrolling on Feed or swiping Stories. This was particularly crucial during peak travel seasons, such as the summer months, when a heightened demand for airport transport services was observed. It was hypothesized that securing the top position on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) would yield a 20% surge in online orders compared to the corresponding period in the prior year. A similar percentage increase is expected through enhanced visibility on the leading social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram. Through this approach, our aim was for Kapnos Airport Shuttle to establish itself as the preferred choice for both Cypriots and tourists visiting the island during the summer season.


Our advertising strategy prioritized succinct messaging, enabling users to swiftly and effortlessly book tickets without necessitating direct communication with company representatives. This initiative yielded amplified ticket sales, concurrently reducing operational costs by streamlining the booking process.

Our overarching strategy focused on bolstering the company’s brand awareness through strategic advertising efforts paid and organic. The emphasis on a seamless ticket purchasing experience not only increased customer satisfaction but also facilitated a clearer customer journey, subsequently leading to augmented sales and an expanded market share. Our target demographic encompassed individuals aged 25 to 44 who engaged in travel activities. Additionally, we directed our attention towards specific Business-to-Business (B2B) sectors such as Travel and Tourism.

The most effective methods for driving website traffic and conversions proved to be Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Social media advertisements. Our goal was to transition impressions into clicks and, ultimately, clicks into conversions. The outcomes substantially surpassed initial expectations and translated to a remarkable surge in ticket sales compared to the same period the prior year.

After Campaign - Results

Sep 2023 (4 months later)
  • Total Impressions: 1,427,042
  • Link Clicks: 137,863
  • Website Visitors: 137,367
  • Website Orders: 19,299 (54.33% increase from previous year)

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