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Kapnos Google Ads Marketing
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Kapnos Airport Shuttle provides reliable transport between airports and key destinations for seamless travel.

Business Objectives:

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Jun 2023 – Jun 2024

(12 Months/365 Days)

Project Summary

Kapnos Airport Shuttle has been offering public transport solutions in Cyprus since 1992. It is a service that is increasingly in demand, especially during the summer months, as Cyprus is a tourist destination. With the help of Google Ads, we managed to bring the Kapnos page to the top position, helping tourists find transport to and from the airports.

After Campaign - Results

12 Months/365 Days
  • Clicks: 154,613(+134,346.09%)
  • CTR: 58.88%(+663.95%)
  • Purchases: 16,268 (+27,103.33%)

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