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Kinitro Branding

Industry: Nutrient Supplements

Kinitro, a new entrant in the nutrition and supplements market, focuses on the holistic connection between mind and body health. Despite its innovative approach, Kinitro needed a cohesive brand identity to communicate its vision effectively.


The team undertook a comprehensive brand identity creation for Kinitro, developing a bold and colorful visual identity that stands out in a saturated market. This identity was optimized for both print and screen, ensuring a consistent basis for future marketing communications.


Additionally, the team crafted a robust brand strategy and communication strategy to resonate with Kinitro’s target audience. The goal was to establish Kinitro as a recognizable and trusted name in the wellness industry, creating a unified and impactful presence across all touchpoints.

This strategic brand identity creation sets the stage for Kinitro to thrive, reflecting its mission of promoting mind and body harmony while positioning it as a leader in the competitive nutrition and supplements landscape.

Brand Naming, Tagline, and Slogan
Brand Messaging Framework
Brand Partnership & Collaboration
Brand Experience Design
Product Design
Visual Language
Infographic & Data Visualization Design
Merchandise & Product Design
Packaging Design
Website UX Guide
Retail Space Design & Visual Merchandising

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