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Kipling e-commerce sales growth
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Kipling, an internationally renowned brand, is known for its stylish and functional fashion accessories, including backpacks, handbags, and luggage featuring the iconic monkey keychain.

Business Objectives:


Apr 2022 – Sep 2022

(6 Months/153 Days)

Problem & Diagnosis

Kipling established itself as a global handbag brand by embodying a carefree spirit and pioneering the use of its signature crinkle nylon in expressive colors and patterns. Today, Kipling is sold in more than 80 countries internationally and is a global leader in selling quality, durable bags designed for everyone.

We have identified that the Kipling brand faced problems in the Cypriot market. Limited resource availability and low effectiveness of digital marketing activities translated into struggles of the brand in expanding its customer base, increasing repurchase intention and revenue generated.


Our primary objective was to increase online conversions for Kipling. In order to do this, we started by reinforcing the strong Kipling brand name in Cyprus through multi-channel awareness campaigns that promote a lifestyle around the brand.

To achieve this we had to understand the mission, vision, and business objectives of the company in order to adapt them to the local market. Following the identification of the business objectives, we selectively segmented the audience and identified the ideal customer persona with the most preferential customer journey they would follow across different channels.

During the creation of the marketing strategy, we had to make sure that our sales funnels and customer journeys would be clear to maximize the effectiveness and return on investment of the marketing activities.


The first step of implementation of the marketing strategy was to create different funnels that would then be used to guide the different audience segments through. At the top of the sales funnel we wanted to create awareness and at the bottom of the funnel we aimed for repurchase intention.

To make this possible we utilized display campaigns on Google & YouTube paired with awareness campaigns on social media. Having achieved moving consumers further down the funnel, we aimed to increase sales. This was made possible through search campaigns on Google and conversion campaigns on social media.

In order to show the right message to each segment of our audience we needed to understand what they were looking for. After testing different audiences the audience that showed the most interest in Kipling products were young women. Through A/B testing of various creatives provided by Kipling International, we came up with the right combination of caption and photo/video.

One of the challenges we faced with this project was seasonality of demand, as products and message to the audience had to depend heavily on seasons. This resulted in changing the ads depending on the season including other factors. The result of this constantly optimized work was a more than double increase in online sales compared to the same period last year and even lower conversion costs.

After Campaign - Results

September 2022 (6 months later)
  • Purchases (103.61% increase*): 564
  • Revenue generated from social media paid ads: €35,387
  • Cost per purchase (28.6% decrease*): €4.64
  • Link clicks from social media paid ads (43.46% increase*): 11,550

* In comparison to data retrieved from last year's (Apr-Sep) period.

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