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Metropolis Mall’s holiday giveaway success strategy
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Larnaca's premier mall, home to 140+ brands spanning fashion, retail, beauty, food, technology, and more.

Business Objectives:


Dec 2022 – Jan 2023

(4 weeks/ 28 Days)

Problem & Diagnosis

The Metropolis Mall, located in Larnaca, Cyprus, faced a challenge during the post-holiday slow season of January and February. The mall houses over 140 brands across various industries, including fashion, retail, beauty & care, food & beverage, services & technology, and more. However, despite its diverse offerings, the mall also struggled to grow its social media community and maintain an adequate engagement rate on its Instagram account.


The objective of the Metropolis Mall’s Christmas/New Year’s Eve Giveaway Campaign was to enhance brand awareness, increase followers on its Instagram account, and incentivize shoppers to visit the mall during the slow season. The mall sought to achieve this by offering a range of enticing prizes, including more than 50 vouchers, to over 20 winners.


To address the challenges faced by the Metropolis Mall, a Christmas/New Year’s Eve Giveaway Campaign was conducted on its Instagram page.

To ensure the campaign was inclusive to all genders and age groups and appealed to a wide range of followers, the prizes were carefully selected to provide value and appeal to a diverse audience. With a total value of prizes estimated at over €4200, the Metropolis Mall aimed to overcome any friction associated with the entry process, which required participants to like the post, follow the mall’s Instagram page, and tag two people in the comments section. The campaign ran from December 21 to January 18 and the winners were announced on January 18, providing a fun and exciting incentive for followers to participate and visit the mall during the slow season.

After Campaign - Results

Jan 2022 (4 weeks later)
  • Instagram followers: +5,582
  • Instagram organic reach (359.8% increase*): 86,954
  • Instagram paid reach (146.1% increase*): 76,240
  • Instagram Profile Visits (375.4% increase*): 15,494
  • Instagram paid impressions (201.2% increase*): 238,905

* In comparison to data retrieved from last (28 days) period.

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