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Metropolis Mall winners club campaign
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Larnaca's premier mall, home to 140+ brands spanning fashion, retail, beauty, food, technology, and more.

Business Objectives:


Sep 2022

(2 weeks/14 Days)

Problem & Diagnosis

Metropolis Mall is a newly built mall located in Larnaca, Cyprus, which houses over 140 brands in the fashion, retail, beauty & care, food & beverage, services & technology industries, and many more. We were tasked with the objective to create a digital campaign that aimed to introduce a member rewards program for visitors of the mall to give back value to its visitors. Our main challenge with this campaign was the limited digital presence and effectiveness of previous digital marketing activities carried out.


We were assigned the task of developing a campaign for the Metropolis Mall with the objective of signing up users and collecting data to create the Metropolis Mall Winners Club. A simple yet challenging goal that we knew would require a well-thought-out strategy and execution to be successful. After clearly identifying our objectives, we conducted an audit to the clients’ digital presence across all available channels to see what their capabilities were. We then designed and formulated the campaign strategy which included multiple tests and optimisations along the way to ensure optimal results and lower cost per sign-up. In the last step of our campaign strategy formulation, we used data to calculate how many visitors would be passing through the mall in order to set our target number for user sign-ups.


To help achieve this goal, we created a marketing campaign specifically designed to encourage users to visit a specific landing page and fill out a form with their contact information in order to enter the competition. We proceeded to identify the preferred digital channels of mall visitors and created an offline-to-online integration through the use of QR codes on banners and printed material in the mall in order to accommodate less tech-savvy visitors, covering the whole age range of visitors. By ensuring we give value to the visitors of the mall through an offer in the form of multiple coupons that could be redeemed for discounts or other benefits at the mall with a total worth of €5000+, we proceeded with implementing the campaign.

To fill out the form on the landing page, we made sure to minimize any friction or obstacles that could prevent visitors from doing so. This was achieved by making the form as small, simple, and quick to complete as possible, only asking for the necessary information. By limiting the amount of information required, we made it easier and quicker for users to fill out the form, increasing the likelihood that they would do so.

For this campaign, we created multiple versions of social media ads on Instagram and Facebook. These different versions of the ad were used to conduct an A/B test, which is a type of experiment used to compare the effectiveness of two or more variations of a marketing message. In this case, we wanted to determine which version of the ad performed better at driving users to the landing page and filling out the form. To do this, we randomly show different versions of the ad to different users and track which version resulted in the most users filling out the form. Once the test was completed, we would be able to identify the version of the ad that was most effective at achieving the campaign’s goals and use it till the end of the campaign.

After Campaign - Results

September 2022 (2 weeks later)
  • Form submissions (sign-ups): 9,702
  • Eligible sign-ups for remarketing purposes (according to GDPR regulations): 4,543
  • Cost per sign-up: €0.05
  • Impressions: 366,358

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