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MGI Motorsport USA dealer network expansion
"The Obsidian Co.'s experience has assisted us with the worldwide dealer network we set out to achieve."
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MGI Motorsport is a major presence in the automotive performance software industry, with dealerships spanning over 5 countries.

Business Objectives:


Dec 2021 – Jun 2022

(7 Months/182 Days)

Problem & Diagnosis

MGI Motorsport wanted to expand and establish their presence as the leading dealer network in the automotive performance software industry. For this to be achieved, several high end automotive repair shops would have to become aware of the brand, the quality of its services grow interest in enquiring to become part of their dealer network. 

A key challenge were the already established competitors, with long and successful exposure in the market compared to a newer brand. The positioning of a lesser known brand in the market where the audience is very niche and selective even to which digital medium they use to interact with brands, was another challenge with evident complexities such as consumer behavior and very strong customer loyalty. 


Following our diagnosis, we decided on the marketing objectives of the strategy. The first objective was the establishment of a strong brand name across the industry. The second objective we were tasked with, was to build an automated dealer enquiry process in order to grow MGI Motorsports’ B2B dealer network. This would have to be done by generating leads from high end automotive shop owners, nurturing them through other digital marketing activities and finally converting the nurtured leads into clients by offering them a product that is superior to competitors due to research, development & results. 


The first step to achieving the marketing objectives was to show the target audience that MGI Motorsport is a credible business with innovative and successful solutions in their industry which can be trusted. This was done through digital channel selection, organic and paid activities which were part of the digital and social media strategies where the content of previous projects was consistently showcased. Pairing these activities with an industry-tailored content strategy complementing the marketing objectives, we managed to grow MGI Motorsports’ social media pages and digital presence significantly.

To tackle the objective of dealer network growth, we created a multi-channel lead generation campaign that included ads that served each segment of shop owners, the message that better resonates with them and achieve better results. The leads generated from the campaign were then followed up and nurtured through email marketing campaigns resulting in massive success and finally conversion to dealers for MGI Motorsport. 

After Campaign - Results

June 2022 (7 months later)
  • Leads Generated: 602
  • Avg. email open rate: 52%
  • Facebook organic page likes: +664

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