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Panstromasew Christmas Campaign
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Panstromasew offers a great collection of divans, headboards, mattresses, pillows, white linen and bathroom accessories

Business Objectives:


12th Dec 2023 – 31st Dec 2023

(20 Days)

Problem & Diagnosis

The history of Panstromasew began in the late 1980’s when the company’s first mattress was created. The main aim of the company is to provide good quality products at the best prices. Every Christmas season is a good opportunity for people to renovate their homes with new sleep products.

Panstromasew could not fail to meet this need. Addressing the need for festive bedroom essentials and meaningful gifts during the holiday season, Panstromasew emerged as the ultimate solution the exclusive collections and special deals aimed to bring joy, transforming this time of year into an extraordinary experience.


The project was designed with two overarching objectives in mind:

1) Elevate brand visibility and recognition by amplifying our presence on key social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, targeting a remarkable 50% expansion in reach.

2) Propel online sales to unprecedented heights, aiming to double the revenue generated compared to the preceding year, thereby fostering substantial growth in revenue.

Capitalizing on the festive spirit and heightened consumer activity during the Christmas season, this period presents a prime opportunity to accomplish these goals. With competitors intensifying their marketing endeavors and consumers actively seeking out products tailored to the holiday season, leveraging this opportune moment can significantly advance our strategic aims.


In our quest to establish Panstromasew as the premier destination for festive bedroom essentials and thoughtful gifts, we implemented a successful holiday season strategy. We ran captivating ads on Facebook and Instagram, directing users to a dedicated gift landing page. Collaborating with influencers amplified brand awareness, while special Christmas bundles enticed customers with attractive prices. A giveaway on Instagram increased followers and engagement. A dedicated gift landing page simplified the shopping experience, complemented by unique Christmas cards for a personalized touch. Through these initiatives, Panstromasew became the go-to for holiday joy and gifting.

After Campaign - Results

31st Dec 2023 (20 days later)
  • Meta conversions value: €1068.99
  • Instagram followers increased by 72.90%: pre-campaign 1,701 / post-campaign 2,941
  • Facebook page reach increased by 106.42%: reaching 53,751 from 26,040.
  • Instagram page reach increased by 57.82%: reaching 64,338 from 40,767

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