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Pharmaceutical Trading Company
"The Obsidian Co. are hard working people, with a vision they want to fulfill. Great experience so far, hope the future is even brighter for both sides."
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Pharmaceutical imports, Exports and Distribution since 1954 | 450+ Products | 7+ Countries | 600+ Local Partners (Cyprus)

Business Objectives:


March 2022 – December 2022

(10 Months/305 Days)

Problem & Diagnosis

Pharmaceutical Trading Co. (PTC) is a supplier that ensures the coverage of all 550 pharmacies across Cyprus. Although PTC had a reliable supply chain, they were struggling to build their online presence and attract new customers. They had limited digital advertising, no Instagram account, and were struggling to create engaging content to reach their target audience. This hindered their growth potential and made it challenging for them to reach new customers.


Our objective was to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would enable Pharmaceutical Trading Co. (PTC) to increase brand awareness, engage with its target audience, and increase its online presence. We aimed to create engaging content and leverage paid advertising to help PTC reach new customers and achieve its business goals. As part of this strategy, we also implemented an effective email marketing campaign that helped PTC to stay in touch with its customers and keep them informed about new products and promotions.


Through the implementation of this strategy, Pharmaceutical Trading Co (PTC) achieved a significant increase in engagement on Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as a boost in website traffic. Additionally, the establishment of their Instagram account allowed them to expand their online presence and reach a new audience. Our effective email marketing campaign helped PTC to stay in touch with its customers and keep them informed about new products and promotions, resulting in increased customer loyalty and repeat purchases. This comprehensive digital marketing strategy led to improved brand awareness, increased sales, and a stronger online presence for Pharmaceutical Trading Co. (PTC).

Before Campaign

March 2022
  • Instagram Followers: 0 (No Account)
  • Facebook Page Likes: <200
  • Facebook Page Reach: <300 per month
  • Facebook Ad Impressions: 0 (No Ads running)
  • Email Marketing Campaign Open Rate: 0% (No email marketing)

After Campaign - Results

December 2022 (10 months later)
  • Instagram Followers: 702
  • Facebook Page Likes: 1,202
  • Facebook Page Reach: 271, 822
  • Facebook Ad Impressions: 1,100,000
  • Email Marketing Campaign Open Rate: 44.1%

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