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Wash & Glow Awareness Growth
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Wash & Glow is a premier car detailing service dedicated to providing exceptional care and maintenance for vehicles in Larnaca and Deryneia.

Business Objectives:

Services by The Obsidian Co:


Apr 2023 – Apr 2024

(12 Months/365 Days)


Wash & Glow, a car wash service in Larnaca and Deryneia, faced a significant challenge. Despite offering quality car wash services, the company struggled with low brand awareness, which limited its market reach and growth potential.


We launched a strategic digital marketing campaign for Wash & Glow, focusing on creating engaging organic content across social media to highlight their services and expertise. Concurrently, targeted meta-ads were deployed to boost brand awareness and engagement in Larnaca and Deryneia. This approach effectively enhanced visibility, increased customer footfall, and expanded Wash & Glow’s market presence in the region.

After Campaign - Results

12 Months/365 Days
  • Total Impressions: 5,262,983
  • Engagement: 666 275
  • Ad Clicks: 30,241

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