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Wash & Glow Branding

Industry: Automotive

With the opening of its second location in the city of Larnaca, Wash & Glow Car Wash propelled itself into the forefront of car wash franchises in Cyprus almost instantly!

To facilitate this transition, our team was entrusted with the development of a comprehensive Brand Identity design that would not only encapsulate the brand’s core essence and values, but also communicate its evolution into a franchise powerhouse while forming a solid foundation for upcoming Digital Marketing activities aimed at further increasing the brand’s market share.

With a clear brand positioning and selling points established, our Brand Identity design has been structured around the translation of the qualities that define and elevate the Wash & Glow Car Wash experience into a visual culture that resonates with the diverse audience of Cyprus, establishing Wash & Glow as the premier choice for car care in the region.

Brand Messaging Framework
Visual Language
Environmental Graphics & Signage
Vehicle Graphics & Fleet
Uniform & Apparel
Social Media Graphics
Website UX Guide

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