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Wash and Glow Larnaca Opening Campaign
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Wash and Glow provides the ultimate carwash experience, offering a variety of standard and detailed services

Business Objectives:


12th Oct 2023 – 24th Oct Oct 2023

(13 Days)

Problem & Diagnosis

As the grand opening of Wash and Glow’s latest establishment in Larnaca was approached, an extensive campaign was initiated to familiarize individuals with the unparalleled services offered by the brand. The primary objective was to generate widespread awareness and cultivate anticipation, ensuring that the transformative experience provided by Wash and Glow would be accessible to both automotive enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike.

The significance of this campaign went beyond a simple grand opening; it was a celebration that marked innovation, quality, and a dedicated commitment to redefining the overall standards of automotive care.


The objective was for awareness to be spread and a connection to be established with a broad audience through a comprehensive strategy that encompassed both online and offline endeavors.


Leading up to the event, announcements were posted on Wash and Glow’s various social media pages alongside a giveaway campaign on Facebook and Instagram – becoming a means of interaction with Wash and Glow’s existing audience as well as encouraging the invitation of new audiences to the car wash brand, subsequently maintaining their interest with exclusive discounts and gifts to people who would attend the grand opening event. On the day of the event, a Live Link feature with Mix FM Cyprus (one of the island’s most popular radio stations) was orchestrated parallel to a Live Instagram video aimed at further increasing awareness for the event by showcasing the various entertaining activities and benefits one could experience when attending the event.

Each marketing initiative contributed to conveying a cohesive and impactful message that would foster anticipation and excitement for the momentous opening event as well as the inclination to interact with Wash and Glow’s virtual and physical touchpoints.

After Campaign - Results

24th Oct 2023 (13 days later)
  • Facebook impression increased by 17,92%: reaching 628,533 from 533,024
  • Instagram impressions increased by 20,70%: reaching 271,325 from 224,802
  • Facebook page reached 3,184 followers, up by 29 (0.91% increase)
  • Instagram page reach increased by 18,26%: reaching 223,527 from 189,008

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