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Zemenides Financial Services 1 Year Digital Transformation
"The Obsidian Co. are very responsive regarding our company's needs, that is to promote its services through social media."
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Audit/ Accounting/ Tax and Business Advisory Services

Business Objectives:


May 2022 – May 2022

(12 Months/365 Days)

Problem & Diagnosis

Afxentis Zemenides Financial Services Ltd is a boutique firm of accountants, financial advisors and business consultants based in Limassol, Cyprus but with international clients. Until recently the only promotion activity Zemenides Financial Services Ltd had was the word of mouth. Although this method was working quite well the company was expanding at a very slow pace. This was to change when they decided to work with us and now move to digital channels.


By filling the marketing funnel, we wanted to create Brand awareness both locally and internationally. Our goal was to gain the trust of our prospective clients. Our prospective clients were mainly from Cyprus, UK, Europe and Arab countries. With a serious and authentic voice and tone we wanted to get the message across that “we have the knowledge and experience”.  To get this message across we had to build the foundations first, meaning the communication channels. To start with, we chose social media and more specifically Facebook which is the king of social media and LinkedIn where it is the largest B2B network. As brand awareness and engagement through social media increased the need to convert users arose. To do this we launched the website of Zemenides Financial Services Ltd.


In our first few months of working together we started posting on social media both organically and paid. In this way we increased the number of people following Zemenides Financial Services‘ social media profiles and built relationships with our audience. With the creation of an optimized website, we started doing Search engine marketing (SEM) with the main goal of generating valuable leads. For SEM we used the most popular search engine platform Google by targeting high intent keywords that were searching for accounting services.

Before Campaign

May 2022
  • Facebook Impressions: <1,000
  • Facebook Reach: <300
  • Facebook Followers: 687
  • LinkedIn Followers: 0
  • Leads Generated: 0

After Campaign - Results

May 2023 (12 months later)
  • Facebook Impressions: 1,050,278
  • Facebook Reach: 317,408
  • Facebook Followers: 4,054
  • LinkedIn Followers: 344
  • Leads Generated: 43

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