Global Social Media Awards 2023 Winner: The Obsidian Co. - The Obsidian Co.™

Global Social Media Awards 2023 Winner: The Obsidian Co.

Rafaella Neofytou

Rafaella Neofytou

Digital Marketing Specialist
9 May, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that our agency has achieved a remarkable milestone at the Global Social Media Awards 2023. We are proud winners of the esteemed award for “BEST LONG-TERM STRATEGIC USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA” with our esteemed client, Ancoria Insurance. Importantly, our outstanding achievement was acknowledged by a distinguished panel of judges, comprising industry leaders renowned for their expertise. This esteemed panel included Pankaj Pilaniwala from Google, Ellie England from Microsoft, and Jack Francis from eBay. Their recognition adds further significance to our accomplishment, affirming the excellence of our long-term strategic use of social media.

The Power of Long-Term Strategic Use of Social Media:

 Our win for “BEST LONG-TERM STRATEGIC USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA” at the Global Social Media Awards 2023 reinforces the significance of a well-executed long-term strategy in social media marketing. We believe that sustainable success on social media requires meticulous planning, consistent efforts, and an unwavering commitment to meeting our client’s objectives. Our partnership with Ancoria Insurance exemplifies the positive impact of a long-term strategic approach in achieving remarkable results.


Collaboration with Ancoria Insurance:

We have had the privilege of collaborating closely with Ancoria Insurance, a forward-thinking organization that shares our vision for long-term growth. Together, we have implemented a winning strategy that has propelled Ancoria Insurance’s social media presence to new heights. This achievement is a testament to the collaborative efforts, trust, and dedication shared between our agency and Ancoria Insurance.

Key Elements of Our Winning Strategy:

Our agency’s winning strategy, in collaboration with Ancoria Insurance, encompasses crucial elements that have contributed to our success:

a. Goal Alignment: Working closely with Ancoria Insurance, we established clear objectives aligned with their overall business goals.

b. Audience Insights: In-depth research and analysis of Ancoria Insurance’s target audience enabled us to create tailored content and engagement strategies that resonate with their specific needs.

c. Compelling Content: Together with Ancoria Insurance, we developed a comprehensive content strategy, focusing on captivating storytelling, informative resources, and consistent brand messaging.

d. Data-Driven Optimization: Our data analysis practices allowed us to evaluate campaign performance, make data-driven decisions, and continually optimize our strategies for maximum effectiveness.


Winning the “BEST LONG-TERM STRATEGIC USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA” award at the Global Social Media Awards 2023 is a tremendous achievement for our agency, made possible through our collaboration with Ancoria Insurance. The recognition from esteemed judges, including Pankaj Pilaniwala from Google, Ellie England from Microsoft, and Jack Francis from eBay, further solidifies the value and impact of our approach. We extend our sincere appreciation to Ancoria Insurance for their trust and support throughout our journey. As we continue to leverage our expertise in strategic social media marketing, we remain committed to driving exceptional results and long-term growth for our clients.