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Top 3 reasons to outsource Marketing

Picture of Christos Loizou

Christos Loizou

Founder, CEO & Marketing Director
8 Sept, 2022

Outsourcing is the undeniable future, it enables businesses to explore new technologies and innovations without the binding cost and commitment of hiring. In an era where digital has become the new norm, outsourcing has become cheaper and grants access to improved services and expertise therefore allowing the core of the business to focus on important business functions. 

Regarding marketing and digital marketing in particular, the benefits massively outweigh the costs of outsourcing. I have personally identified more than 30 reasons as to why should all size and types of companies should shift to outsourcing marketing but to keep this article short I will share with you the top 3 reasons why should any company outsource marketing. 


Reason 1: Saving Money

Having a marketing department can be a serious financial burden for firms but nevertheless, an important one as marketing is the link between your brand and your consumers, it conveys your message, reaches your audience and builds mutually valuable relationships (or so it should be). A marketing department should be at minimum 3 people (marketing director, graphic designer/content creator and a digital marketer), which is quite costly when taking into account the salaries required for such workforce. A marketing agency can offer more than three times the workforce at a fraction of that price while providing more specialized, experienced and skilled professionals. 

Reason 2: Saving Time

Time is money and wasting time is wasting money your business could utilize to grow. An outsourced marketing agency creates effective marketing campaigns much faster while allowing employees to be more productive rather than being sidetracked by marketing tasks. This results in increasing revenue due to focus and completion of current projects. Also, saving time and keeping your sales team focused on their assigned tasks will allow them the time required to process and nurture the leads brought in by the outsourced marketing activities. 

Reason 3: Maintaining Focus

Contrary to popular belief, most employees prove more effective and efficient when focused and specialized in certain positions. Allocating marketing tasks and duties to employees who are already assigned other roles and tasks only degrades marketing performance and reduces productivity. 

Partnering with an external marketing agency allows importance and effort to be put on areas where the employed workforce is proficient and urgent. Meanwhile, the outsourced marketing agency will be reporting on progress and performance, further assuring and taking weight off the company as marketing goals and business objectives are being achieved. 

Lastly, a marketing agency can offer more skills and expertise, identify and capitalize on market trends earlier, spend more time on your brand and provide more knowledge to your organization. These are the best marketing practices in the ever changing, trend shaped digital world.